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Ecoflo Septic Systems

Safe and effective sewage treatment

We strive to achieve a visually pleasing and minimal footprint with our installations, enabling you to fully utilize your property. Ecoflo requires the smallest area for a septic system in Ontario. B. Blackburn Ltd is a registered dealer and installer of Ecoflo biofilter septic systems, recognized for being environmentally friendly, compact and economical. Ecoflo septic systems are specially designed for waterfront properties, small lots, clay or rocky situations. These systems have a proven track record in tertiary treatment solutions.

We work closely with townships, planners and conservation authorities to ensure your system complies with the official regulations.

Depending on the conditions and the soil composition of your lot, Ecoflo units come in Concrete, Polyethylene and Fibreglass. Nitrogen Removal Units are available to protect our ground water, the need for denitrification systems are rapidly growing. B. Blackburn Ltd installed one of the first nitrogen removal units in Ontario!

Learn more about Ecoflo peat based septic systems (PDF) – 956KB


Thank you for managing our project from afar and offering a new client expectational work. The detailed invoice outlines the work clearly and the photo’s highlight the ease of our new system. Thank you for facilitating the set up and accommodating us long distance. The level of professionalism and quick repair schedule has been perfect for our needs.


Installation Photos