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Septic System Upgrades

Does your sewage system comply with official building code regulations?

Is your sewage system contributing to ground water pollution…? Below you will find a list of septic repairs, upgrades and maintenance services that B. Blackburn Ltd offers:

  • Installation of septic risers and lids. (Required to bring septic systems up to current building code standards). Riser and lids provide easy access to your tank and filter, never dig up your septic lids again
  • Installation of effluent filters *septic tank filters are an inexpensive way to prolong the life of your septic system*
  • Unthawing frozen septic lines
  • Supply and installation of sewage system heat lines
  • Installation and repairs to effluent and sewage pumps
  • Installation of drainage pit for water softener backwash. Ensure your water treatment devices DO NOT drain into your sewage system.

 It is your responsibility as a home owner to ensure your septic system is in proper working order, contact us to arrange an inspection

Thank you very much for a great and foremost personal service. This made the whole process so much easier for us.

Melanie & JP

Installation Photos